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Kitchen design



The kitchen plays a drastic role in the home. It is that specific area that is accessed by everyone. Without a kitchen, Home is like a gun without a bullet. Food is the first and most important basic need. Everybody needs it and everybody wants that delicious food on the dining at the end of the day. Food gives us energy and it also matters with which energy the food maker cooked the food. So, Kitchen design should be in the right manner which creates a good and positive environment.

Space Planning –

The Stove and Sink area should be placed away from each other to avoid any kind of conflict between the natural elements. Because fire and water both are antonym elements and working with both at the same time at the same place or if they are placed in improper space then it will create some mishappening or misunderstanding and family disputes.

Kitchen Triangle


Triangle in the Kitchen

The fridge, Stove, and Sink should be placed at the angle of the triangle. Because these three elements are mostly and mainly used in the kitchen and more space is required for these elements.

Directions –

Southeast direction is known for Agni, The god of fire. That’s why the Southeast direction is the ideal situation for kitchen placement. In the terms of hygiene, the Southeast is that corner of the house, where sunlight remains long-lasting in a full day. And the sunlight is poison for bacteria.

vastu kitchen


For getting sunlight, It should have windows. One or two windows are always recommended so the sunlight can reach easily. Windows should be placed in the south and east direction.

Colors –

The kitchen is that area where light must be last – long all day long. So, You should choose light and bright colors, because light reflects on light and bright colors.

Color in kitchen


Vibrant colors are always a good choice for Kitchen. These colors create a positive environment.

Standard Sizes  –

The most preferred area for kitchen space is 11’ x 7’. So, the user can move and work freely.
The height of the countertop from the floor should be 33” – 36” for easy access. And the width of the countertop should be 22” – 24”.

Kitchen Cabinets –



The kitchen should be clutter-free. So, one can work easily without any irritation. Mess always creates negative energy. That’s why the cabinet is recommended. So that any utensils, cutlery, or other things place systematically.

Flooring –

Kitchen flooring


So far, flooring has been all about functionality. You have to opt for floors that are safe and not too slippery because kitchen accidents are second in commonality only to bathroom accidents. However, statement floors using Morrocan or Turkish tiles and even our native red oxide is the new ‘in’ thing now.
Word of caution: Always add an anti-skid layer to the kitchen floor even if you opt for fancy tiles.

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