Out of The Box Ideas for floating bed

Floating Beds are a kind of island in the ocean. This bed seems to float on top of the floor like a boat floating in the water. these beds float because of their hidden support system with the wall or roof. Like any other bed, a floating bed intends to support a mattress and give peaceful sleep to the user.
Have you been searching for the best floating bed for a modern new bedroom design? Here, you have found some pictures of floating beds. We are pleased to assist you. Now, here is the first floating bed Picture:

1. Afloat


Source: decoratorist.com
Although floating beds are floating in the air, “they are the strong and supportive bases for your mattress. These beds give the illusion of space in a smaller room and also provide more space under your bed for storage purposes or keep some other accessories.

2. Hanging Bed

hanging bed

Source: mydesiredhome.com
From childhood, we Always like Swings when it’s time for relaxation or fun. Just like Swings, Now we have Hanging beds and swing beds. These bed designs now bring this cool little feature into everyone’s bedroom, backyard, and any other place you want to relax or want to experience something new. They are stylish, classy, and offer great illusion.

3. Nest in Cloud

nest in cloud

Source: decoholic.org
A kid’s room needs attention when it comes to its decoration because we have to consider kids’ safety also. Especially when choosing its bed. The Cloud Bed is a bed pursuing to create a sense of intimacy and make children feel safe and protected. It is the lowest in the clouds, where any user whether they are little ones or adult ones can go to sleep, play or relax.

4. Floating Twin


Source: Houzz.com
There are many reasons why you should choose bunk beds. Bunk beds are an excellent way to save space in any relaxation area. The wooden bed frame is attached strongly to the wall, making these bunk beds look like they are floating in the air and giving an amazing experience to the users.

5. Pendulous Bed pendulous

Source: topdreamer.com
The hanging bed makes the environment in the room more casual, relaxing, and calming. The hanging and the floating beds are aesthetically pleasing and space-saver.
When it comes to how you can hang the bed, the possibilities are endless. You can go for chain, rope, or others, but make sure the hanging material must be strong.
Final Words: When you decide to place a floating bed in your bedroom you have to make sure that you are going to use perfect ceiling support because the bed itself weighs a lot and the support system needs to bear the extra weight of the people who use the bed.

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