Tired of the same old dining table design ideas? Check this

Dining Table Area 

Dining Area is a place where everyone sits at the dining table and shares stories about how their day was. They share their problems and discuss solutions. A dining area is a place where everyone takes their meal not only take but they enjoy their meals with family and friends. So, this space must be designed beautifully. Here are some ideas for designing the dining area.

1. Fam-jam Dining Room

Dinning Area

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Dining table time is always a fam-jam time in a joint family. If a particular space is available for dining then we can choose a space plan for dining like this. Joint families mostly sit together when they all or few of them taking their meal. so in this design idea, extra space is there for sitting.


2. Lunch bench Table Set

Dinning Area

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This dining table reminds us of school lunchtime. This design is best for space-saving and the most suitable design for a nuclear family. A rectangular table with two benches on both sides makes this design very simple and elegant in looking.


3. Half Rectangle Dining

Dining table
Half Rectangle dinning

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This table is installed with an L-shaped bench and Chairs. This idea of dining gives extra space for sitting around the table. The table size is standard but with this sitting management, we can exceed the seat limits.


4. Dine-In Curve

Dinning Area
Curve dining

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This curve dining table gives a classical look to the dining area. This design is something new but this can be designed only in a big area because it takes a lot of space. With this curved design, the dining offers Easily circulation around the table.

Some Vastu Tips For Dining Area:

At the present time, Everyone gives preference dining space near the kitchen. We give importance to designing a kitchen according to Vaastu But we also have to know about the Vastu conditions for designing a dining space. Dining must be in the west and east corner. The dining table shape should be a rectangular and square shape. Don’t place dining near the wall. This is right according to Vaastu and there is another reason behind it. If we place the table near the wall then how can space be manageable for circulation or how we place chairs. Wall side chair will be blocked the area all the time.

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