Outstanding Ideas for design Living / Drawing Room

Living Room:

Living room

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The living room is a specified area for performing general social activities. It is a necessity today for the simple reason that man is social by nature, therefore he needs a place of gathering – wherein he can interact with people and spend quality time with his family and friends.

The Purpose Of Living Room:

Living Room

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In this digital era, everyone is busy with their work and activities. If the living room is not a part of the house, then everyone sits in their respective rooms or different areas, they will not spend time with each other or with family. And nowadays family time is missing. This makes the living room important so that every family member comes and sits with family at the end of the day and spends some moments of joy along with their loved ones.

So here are some Major Points To Remember When Designing your Living Room

Vastu For Living Room:

This room of every house serves two purposes – one is socializing and the second is private time with your family. Since one room offers two facilities, it is important to consider Vastu in the right manner when designing.

Living Room

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The living area must be constructed in that corner of the house where the daylight can reach easily and for a long period. It must be situated in the area from where every other area is visible. If we talk about the direction, the most preferred direction is the North and the second-best in the East direction.

Some other points in the subject of  Vaastu for living room are :
Real Flowers :

Living room

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As we know that the Positive and the Negative Environment affects the human body, similar is the effect of real and virtual flowers. Vastu suggests the use of real flowers for maintaining a Positive Environment, instead of artificial flowers. Because artificial flowers attract negative energy and create a negative environment.

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Paintings :

livng room

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You can choose paintings that represent the feeling of happiness, excitement, humor, or positivity. Avoid paintings that display sadness, darkness, or negativity. Instead, choose paintings of flowers, spiritual symbols, and paintings of animals that can be used, but they must not display dominance. The horse painting is good for the living room when the counting of horses is in odd numbers.

Beams :

Living room

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According to Vaastu, Exposed beams are not good. You can hide them by designing a false ceiling or some ceiling work.

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