Running Out for Bed Headboard Designs? Try These.

We always search for the best design for beds but it varies on the bed headboard designs. So always search for the best headboard design because the bed design mainly lying on headboard design. There are some options of material that you can use for your headboard design and make the bed design more classic.

Let’s find out some of the finest discoveries by Grah Shobha for Bed Headboard Designs.

Cushion Headboard Design-

Bed Headboard Designs


A cushion work gives a royal look to bed headboard designs. This is the most preferable design for everyone. For Cushion Leather and Velvet these two material is mostly used. Many Color and Texture options of leather and velvet are available in the market. This cushion provides a soft surface so any user who will rest his head back on the headboard doesn’t get injured. This is so good from both perspectives – look and Safety.

Aluminum and Metal Profile –

Bed Headboard Design

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These Profiles are used to fix between two boards and sunmica. With these profiles, we can give a royal look to the headboard and bed. Mainly golden profile used in the furniture. These profiles are available in two designs (U & L)for fixing the gap of boards.

Highlighter/ Veneer/ Laminate –

wood head board

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Many Headboards are designed with only these materials. We can choose any design of highlighter, veneer, laminate. Many designs are available in the market. These are the types of sunmica. We can replace sunmica with these materials. These headboards give a simple and elegant look to the bed.


Metal Headboard –

metal headboard designs


This metal headboard is a new trend in headboard design. This is very rare nowadays but this was popular in past and again this will be in trend very soon. We see the grill gates normally but we can use grill designs in the bed headboard also.

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Decorative elements –

floral headboards

Like this picture, we can use metal decorative items on the wall of the headboard or upon the bed without a headboard. Decorative Mirrors are also used as decorative elements on the back wall of the bed.

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